Unusual Pets

The maintenance and care of Pets
In the 21st century, almost every third family has a pet.If you still are going to have the seed of a pet, be it dog, rat, hamster, parrot, cat in…

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Feng Shui and Pets
It may seem strange, but our usual favorite animals (cats, dogs) are the perfect Energizer positive life energy. According to ancient Chinese teachings - Pets actively affect the energy of…

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New Zealand rabbits - Pets.
This place is dispute of two directions – some prefer dwarf rabbits, new Zealand rabbits are considered large and are therefore more suitable for meat; others argue that decorative rabbits…

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Pets of Hollywood stars entertaining Zoology

The dog – man’s best friend. Cat – probably, too. Not everyone and not always, but often, especially after a hearty meal… Yes, friend. In friends to the person you can record hamsters, parrots, Guinea pigs, pet alligators and albino rats. And if you look at the question broadly? Why Madagascar cockroach in the cage of your son not his friend? Because somewhere deep in his cockroach head he probably likes… by the Way, cockroaches in household Pets – not the most exotic choice. And who, if not Hollywood stars, to prove it?

Asses Reese Witherspoon

In 2010, actress and animals a big fan of Reese Witherspoon, taking a cue from their friends, have got a couple of donkeys and named them, like in some cartoon, Honky and Thin. “They’re so docile and cute,” Witherspoon admitted in an interview in December 2010. However, unlike the owner, the neighbors of Reece from donkeys not happy and constantly complain about the noisy neighbors. This, however, is understandable if we consider that among the pet loving Witherspoon – not only a pair of donkeys, but also two pigs, three goats, twenty chickens, three dogs and a pony. Continue reading

15 Pets, which you can make a home

1. Fenech. The little Fox. If you decide to buy a cage, it needs to be spacious, although without it you can do. The main thing — the room in which he lives Fenech, should be well heated, it’ll catch a cold. Fenech almost no smell, eating chicken, cottage cheese, fruit, vegetables, dog food, loves figs and dates. You have to walk him on a leash, sometimes to comb. It costs 60 thousand roubles.

2. Guinea pigs. Ease of maintenance is one reason for their popularity as Pets: they are also easy to keep in a Studio apartment as in a large house. Since Guinea pigs naturally live in packs, it is recommended to have multiple, but you can keep one animal and, if he will have enough “family time”.

3. The capybara. This is, in fact, a large Guinea pig, in a cage only not go to jail. She walks on a leash, executes commands, even puts her head owner on your knees and exposing their belly to his belly scratched. Dog eats canned food, food for rodents, fruits, vegetables, hay and grass. The capybara would make a perfect pet, if daily bathing is not needed she was almost a swimming pool.

4. Home decorative rat. They love the different hanging nests,types of hammocks, hanging baskets or balls, I prefer them to any other “burrows”. Rats cannot be kept in a draught or in the sun. It is very harmful for them! Continue reading

The most undemanding Pets

In this article, we suggest you consider the care of the most undemanding Pets, it’s about Guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits. If you bring a pet, we need mandatory care and attention. If you want to have a low maintenance animal, then you are a busy person, think about whether or not to do it. Because you stay with the animal, it doesn’t bring any pleasure not you, not your pet. Well if you do decided to get a pet, then this is the article for you.

Let’s start with the Guinea pigs. This is a very undemanding animal, all he needs is a clean cage and a lunch. Be sure to clean the cage at least once in two weeks, in time to feed her and give water. Very good if you stay with her sometimes to play. Be sure the cage should be spacious and it should have a good place the light of day. Even for pigs critical care fur.

Next on our list is the hamster. Fans of these wonderful animals, you should know that the whole cage or aquarium, depending on where you keep the animal, is divided into three zones: a toilet, a pantry and a bedroom. To clean the cage you need at least once in two weeks, and the area of the toilet to clean up daily, if this is not done, then you pochuvstvuete very soon. But the pantry hamster you should not touch it very often, so it is possible to harm the psychological health of the pet. The pantry clean up, as something is missing, it is desirable that the animal did not see the process. Continue reading

Naked dog breeds

American hairless Terrier

In 1972, a remarkable event took place: in the litter of the average rat Terrier female born completely devoid of hair. This puppy was a reward breeders spouses Willie and Edwin Scott of Louisiana, USA,.

They decided to continue breeding and as a result received a second pair – male and female, who became the pioneers of a new breed. The Scotts have dedicated to the formation of rocks, they called the American hairless Terrier, many years.

This breed is undoubtedly an amazing phenomenon of nature. The type of inheritance is significantly different than naked dog breeds in Asia and Africa

Chinese crested dog

The Chinese crested is one of the most exotic and mysterious species in the world. Its exact origin is still not clear. Now dogs of this breed are incredibly popular – in large numbers can be seen at any trade show, and on major international and international exhibitions of them gather more than fifty. Continue reading

What to feed a puppy Chihuahua: what can and what can not?
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The biggest domestic cats in the world
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