Unusual Pets

Super smart animals!
Chimpanzee kanzi at the age of 29 years knows about 450 words and can communicate with humans via computer. Every day he uses about 30-40 words. Pigs have excellent memory…

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Cat breeds
The cat is the most popular pet in the world. Cats were first domesticated about 8000 years BC in Cyprus. After that, basically, cats have lived among the Egyptians. Cat…

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Unusual Pets
Adopt a pet means welcoming a new family member, so very well think hard whom to choose in friends. Why not try one of these unusual Pets that will not…

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All about Terriers

Many people, as we know, have Pets. Pets are different, very different. Cats, dogs, parrots, turtles, fish, and even rooks and monkeys. Animals are the best friends for humans. They will not betray, do not say hurtful words. Dream to have a pet to people comes in different ways. Someone decides it’s time to start, someone who can take care of, and someone that dream Matures from childhood.

The most undemanding Pets – fish. First, they are very beautiful, secondly, these beautiful creatures require little care, just enough to buy an aquarium and food. To choose an aquarium at a pet market in Moscow, in “Russian Pet store” with delivery to Russia any city.

Aquarium fish are striking in their rich color and body shape. Nature painted them in all colors of the rainbow, so the fish is very smart. You just do not forget to feed them 2 times a day every month to clean the tank. Do not forget about the water temperature – it should not be below 20°C, maximum 32°C. And for fans to talk to somebody perfect a Canary or budgie. These birds will delight you with his voice. Feathered feed every day, two tablespoons specially designed to feed them or every two days, the protein and naturally in 2 times more food. Preferably,once a week the bird should be let free to fly (15-20 minutes). Remember, in order to avoid significant damage, and also damage the necessary things your bird should go in the room where little furniture. Continue reading

How to make money on the rabbits?

In order to get rich, not necessarily to save on everything, work “up a sweat”. Sometimes it helps to come up with an original, unique business idea, which can bring a lot of money. You can earn and receive a lot of positive emotions…

It is quite possible, if to breed funny, touching decorative rabbits. Today, at a time of global urbanization, nostalgia for nature, by living makes people more and more often to have Pets.

It is becoming fashionable and is very popular buy decorative rabbits, which differ from the usual small size, small neat ears.

Many different breeds with funny names offer the pet stores: Angora, Squirrel, Sheep (ears not standing, but hanging on the sides), Butterfly (spot shape resembles a butterfly).

Very beautiful black and fiery (yellow spots look great on a black background as tongues of fire) and many others.

How to make money on the rabbits?

Decorative rabbits undemanding pet. It is not necessary to walk, they eat the same as normal rabbits: carrots, hay, apples, tree branches. Continue reading

Feeding Rottweiler puppies and adult dogs

Rottweiler puppies of our kennel are grown in mixed feeding, which involves the use of professional dry food and natural food.

The fact is that in the process of growth of a Rottweiler puppy it is very important that the puppy is always getting all the vitamins and minerals in accordance with his age and weight, i.e. in time and in the right dosage. Thus, ispolzovanpokoleniya dry food, we can rest assured that our Rottweiler puppy will get all in the right quantity and on time. BUT! As shown by our Rottweiler kennel, Rottweiler grown using only dry food, it doesn’t look so “naturally”,with the gloss, as dogs are grown using natural foods.

There is another point. If dry food is the whole balance of vitamins and minerals and I Truiden themselves proschityvaya proportions fortification feeding, if you feed only a natural diet for harmonious growth of the Rottweiler puppy, we’ll have this puzzled the scientific question.

On this basis, we decided that we’ll grow and keep the dogs on mixed feeding.

We do not believe that it is the ideal feeding for all dogs in the world, but safe to recommend to all my Rottweilers such method of feeding. Let our dogs do not grow in cans, and on natural, fresh, natural food meat, porridge, cheese and vegetables, but if you use dry food. Continue reading

Guinea pigs

Guinea pig is a furry rodent that comes from the Andes mountains in South America. Earlier ancestors of these animals were used as food by local native American tribes. Modern Guinea pig is considered a subspecies of the Andes Guinea pig and therefore cannot be found in the wild. Guinea pig is a small, furry herbivore that rarely grows more than 30 cm in length. In the conditions of detention in captivity Guinea pigs can live to around 6 or 7 years. Wild Guinea pigs, probably lived about 3 or 4 years. All over the world Guinea pigs are bred as Pets.
Well if uhajivat for a Guinea pig and give it the right amount of time and energy, this animal can be a real faithful friend of man. They require a lot of effort and they are not easy to take care of, but these Pets is worth the effort. Guinea pigs communicate with each other with high shrill sounds and bleeps. These animals have one common feature – they are not able to accurately estimate height and distance, and consequently, you should never leave them on a bed or table without supervision. Guinea pigs, as scientists believe, have been domesticated and used by South American tribes as a food source for already 5 thousand years BC. Guinea pigs are also often izobrazheniyu of art, the way zapechatlen in statues created during the ancient civilizations of Peru. Continue reading

What to feed a puppy Chihuahua: what can and what can not?

Chihuahua dogs miniature, they are vulnerable to various diseases, particularly caused by malnutrition. So you need to know what to feed a Chihuahua puppy how many times a day and what food.

The puppy Chihuahua should be fed in accordance with a strictly defined schedule.

At the age of 2-3 months a dog can be feed 6 times a day, and then the number of feedings should be decreased. So, from three to four months of age to 5 times a day, from 4 to 6 months to 4 approaches a day, and with six months to a year 3 times.

Is it possible to feed a month and two-month old puppy?

The first time the dog feeds on mother’s milk.

When he turns 20 days, is allowed to enter into the diet “skoblenko”. This word is called raw meat, which is scraped from the piece with a knife. Meat should be beef.

Initially, sufficient portions, the size of a match head, but every day the amount of food should be increased. Continue reading