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Pets in the kitchen: how to protect and furniture, and animals

With all the joy and love that Pets give us, problems from them too much. You can greatly simplify your life, if you pre-arrange the house so that you don’t survive, and the Pets in it was comfortable. This especially applies to food: do not close the same every time the door so that the pet does not have snuck in this forbidden territory.

The correct choice of materials

The first thing we should start — the choice of durable materials, not to have to live with nibbled and scratched kitchen. For sex the best solution will be slightly rough tile as laminate and other polished surfaces easily there are traces of claws. If the laminate closest to you — choose a figure with the effect of oldness, the flaws will be less noticeable.

Better to paint the walls or make a wide Board from the tiles below because the Wallpaper will appeal to some dogs and rodents, and cats love to sharpen their claws. Wood trim is also at risk to awaken the Pets bad thoughts, but the panels made of artificial materials can be lucky more.

When choosing the material for kitchen furniture should give preference to the surface without gloss and the thick laminate. The facades are made of glass or ceramics and one will be the safest. Handles better, too, to pick out, to avoid temptation to chew.

If the animal appeared in the house after decoration and furniture, the problem can be partially solved. So the dog didn’t scratch the floor when walking, lay a small woven mats (only on a special substrate, so as not to slip). The cat is even easier — you can put on claws caps scratch mitts.

Safety rules

Here are a few things to consider when planning kitchen:

All that the animal can climb or jump must be strong to withstand this impact. First check hanging shelves.

Breakable crockery and the décor needs to stand behind the glass or in closed cabinets. If you live in the house at large ferrets or squirrels, there is better to remove everything of value that you can chew on.

Open or opening from falling packages with bulk products too must not be left in dangerous places.

If you like to keep flowers in the kitchen, consider them of the harness or cover decorative bird cages — many plants are dangerous for Pets.

There should be no gaps under the kitchen furniture, it is better to close the socket. Otherwise, a cat or smaller animal can get in there and if not get stuck, it is possible to go there at an inconvenient time for you, to chew pipes or take out the dust from the nooks and crannies.

The kitchen can be done not only sturdy and safe, but also comfortable and cozy for the animal. Read about how to choose a place for bowls and arrange the pet den in the kitchen in the following material.

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