The maintenance and care of Pets
In the 21st century, almost every third family has a pet.If you still are going to have the seed of a pet, be it dog, rat, hamster, parrot, cat in…

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The smartest Pets
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Guinea pigs
Guinea pig is a furry rodent that comes from the Andes mountains in South America. Earlier ancestors of these animals were used as food by local native American tribes. Modern…

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How to care for Pets

For four-legged friends for the most part are not neat. In their natural habitat they only took baths in the rain or in bodies of water. However, you should periodically allowed to bathe, because it affects not only animal health but also human health. This is especially true of urban animals.

The most frequently bathing the dog needs. They outside more often and unlike cats are not as clean. If the rickets in dogs should seek immediate assistance from the vet. Cats, if they do not leave the apartment, and generally do not require bathing. Rodent bathe very rarely. If necessary, you can pour in a basin of water and dropped the animal.

As for parrots, most species love water and don’t like bathing, if you direct the shower over the edge of the cell. The main thing is not to scare the parrot, you need to wait until he’ll get used to it. It is important to understand that bathing for your Pets is prevention of occurrence of parasites, however, frequent bathing of the animal can lead to weakening of the natural protective properties of the skin and wool. After the walk it is enough to wash the paws and belly of the animal. It is better not to use shampoo.

If your four-legged friend much vypuskala or infestation you need to use special shampoos. Use “human” shampoos are not valid. Lately to combat the parasites appeared sprays and powder. They can help when there is no opportunity to redeem the animal.

Ideally after bathing the animal with the shampoo on the hair you need to apply a stabilizer, which neutralizes the alkaline environment from the shampoo.

Bathing dogs and cats need to follow a few simple rules. First of all long-haired pet needs to be brushed. Water should not be hot enough to 40-45 degrees. Namachivajutsja coat evenly, then applied the shampoo. The tool is best applied twice, leaving the lather on for 2-3 minutes. To wash off the shampoo very carefully as residues can cause irritation. After bathing wool promocasa in the direction of growth. It is possible to drying with a hair dryer, if it is not too hot. When six is dry it should be brushed. And this applies not only dogs, but even cats, rabbits or hamsters.

Bathing the animal, make sure that the shampoo didn’t hit him in the eyes and ears. Better just wash his head in the end.

In addition to swimming is important from time to time to comb the animal’s hair so that it fell down.

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