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Animals for office – relaxation for staff

Any work (and the work in the office – especially) requires a positive discharge. Pleasant eating different kinds of sweets wrapped subsequently kilograms of excess weight, fermentation by sites that are not related to the workflow or solitaire can, to put it mildly, tightening, and for those who are “lucky” to work in the same room with the boss, and they are completely unavailable.

Animals for office is a lifeline. Animal watching relaxes and relieves tired, even at the end of the day. If the workflow came from a stupor, enough to pet, to cuddle, to “communicate” with the pet, and the solution that for so long were hiding somewhere, comes easily. A few minutes of this relaxation is able to increase efficiency even the laziest employee, and some can feel “at home”.

What animal to have in the office?

What animal is suitable for the office? Any Yes, like you and your colleagues, and which does not require any special care or conditions.

To decide what animal to have in the office . spend a small opinion poll among my colleagues. If you have a pet for the office suggested that the chief (and many business coaches often advise this), it is possible to solve, of course,him. But perhaps among colleagues there connoisseurs a rare species of monkeys or fans of snakes and spiders. Although such exotics may be to the taste of the boss, and settled in your office iguana can quite become the mascot of the company. Yet most people have similar Zoological tastes.

The most common animal for office choosing aquarium fish. They do not require special care, do not interfere in the work, and watching them really well relieves stress of any severity. This is a good way of distracting the attention of customers, languishing in the waiting, and the presence in the aquarium is particularly beautiful and expensive specimens will increase the firm’s prestige in the eyes of partners.

Basically, in an aquarium can live anyone, ranging from a couple of turtles, to creeping or membranous fauna – on the fan.

Parrot – a controversial choice for animal office. There are people who need total silence and that can get out of yourself, hearing bird songs. Just to clarify this fact and will need a poll, about which we spoke above.

It will not hurt it and in that case, if half the team decided that the best pet for the office is a cat or a dog . The survey will help to identify if any students are allergic to wool or just fear of these animals. Ball Cat can live both in the office and adjacent to the building site. Only one its kind they will melt the heart of even the sophisticated client, not to mention the positive, which will bring their owners.

All animals for optimal office is rodents. Hamsters, Guinea pigs, decorative rabbits, chinchillas. Love them all, they are funny, their behavior is interesting to watch. The cage sitting in it, the pussy won’t take much space. Very creative office residents put in the same corner of the sofa and arrange for myself a kind of “comfort zone”.

Care for animals office

If the decision was to make animal collective, and care for him will have the whole team . Schedule friendly team will be easy.

In any office there is someone who lives closest and who could come to the zhivotinok on the weekends . About fulfilling this mission, we can arrange with the security office or with the young trainees, who usually are found in large quantities in any enterprise. And here’s wishing to take an animal during the Christmas holidays there will be much less.

In any case animal for office should not be a burden . but to shift responsibility to someone too dishonest.

The same applies to feed for animals . Well, if it will agree to pay the firm. If not, then any company will find the service or product that you can offer the nearest pet store on barter in exchange for feed, bedding or other supplies for your pet goods.

What else to expect

First things first, get ready for a daily pilgrimage to the colleagues from other departments . at least until they get used to this attraction.

In order to save you can try to take with colleagues from neighbouring offices a nominal fee for the opportunity to socialize with our smaller brethren as an entrance ticket suitable Apple, carrot or other treats office zhivotinok. About the auction for the right to have future offspring of animals generally keep silent.

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