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Guinea pigs


Guinea pigs were domesticated in the 5th Millennium BC by tribes of the Andes of South America (modern-day southern Colombia. Ecuador. Peru and Bolivia ) for food. a few thousand years after the domestication of camelids in South America. The statue, Dating from the period from 500 BC to 500 ad, depict Guinea pigs have been found in archaeological digs in Peru and Ecuador. People of the Mochica culture worshipped Guinea pigs, and portrayed them in art. From the year 1200 until the Spanish conquest in 1532 was carried out breeding work. allowed to withdraw many breeds of Guinea pigs, some of which are basics for modern domestic Guinea pigs .


Body length of 25 to 35 cm depending on breed, the tail is absent, at thoroughbred hanging ears, broad muzzle. Adult male Guinea pig weighs 1000-1500 g, and the female is 800-1200 g. Natural coloring brownish-grayish, with a lighter belly. Displayed many breeds, differing in structure, length and coat color. Breeds of domesticated Guinea pigs are divided into groups: short-haired (selfies, crested, smooth), longhaired (Shelties. the texels, Peruvian, Merino, rosetted and others), wire-haired (the Abyssinians, American Teddy, Rex, and so etc), breed without wool and with the wool abolishionists(Baldwin, skinny). The body structure of domestic Guinea pigs is significantly different from the structure of the bodies of their wild counterparts more rounded shapes.

Guinea pigs as Pets

Guinea pigs — good Pets, trusting and good-natured. Guinea pigs can be trained to respond to the nickname. Purr and emit different sounds when stroking. Love to sit on their hands. For Guinea pigs threat of falling even from small height.

Guinea pigs make different sounds. Each sound has its own symbol. Pregnant pigs, and in rare cases, males make a chirping sound that resembles the singing of birds. Can tweet from 2 to 15 minutes, usually in the dark. Very rare. Males during courtship emit a rumbling sound, their wedding song. Similar sound is produced by dominant pigs living in the company of dogs showing who’s boss.

The life expectancy of Guinea pigs with an average of about 8-10 years. Famous centenarians who have lived 15 years. A Guinea pigs pregnancy lasts 60 to 72 days (the latter happens very rarely) days. 1-6 cubs are born. After mating, the male must be deposited into another cell. so he did not provoke the female to miscarriage. Caring for offspring is only female. Some Guinea pigs like being alone.The cubs become independent at the age of 1 month, at the same age they become sexually Mature,and in 1 month ready to reproduce.

Guinea pigs
Guinea pig is a furry rodent that comes from the Andes mountains in South America. Earlier ancestors of these animals were used as food by local native American tribes. Modern…


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