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What to feed a puppy Chihuahua: what can and what can not?

Chihuahua dogs miniature, they are vulnerable to various diseases, particularly caused by malnutrition. So you need to know what to feed a Chihuahua puppy how many times a day and what food.

The puppy Chihuahua should be fed in accordance with a strictly defined schedule.

At the age of 2-3 months a dog can be feed 6 times a day, and then the number of feedings should be decreased. So, from three to four months of age to 5 times a day, from 4 to 6 months to 4 approaches a day, and with six months to a year 3 times.

Is it possible to feed a month and two-month old puppy?

The first time the dog feeds on mother’s milk.

When he turns 20 days, is allowed to enter into the diet “skoblenko”. This word is called raw meat, which is scraped from the piece with a knife. Meat should be beef.

Initially, sufficient portions, the size of a match head, but every day the amount of food should be increased.

Photo: in the 1st month Chihuahua puppies feed on mother’s milk

Within 30 days of a puppy to lure yogurt or Bifidok, will also be useful to fresh curd and porridge.

After another 5-10 days dogs can eat independently with her mother from her plate.

The owner of a two-month chihuahuapuppies the following menu for your pet:

First feeding: 7 o’clock in the morning. Curd, rich in calcium, mix with raw milk. The mixture should be no thicker than cream.

Second feed: 9 am. Cook beef, cut into small slices. Cook the vegetables, crushed with a fork. All mix and add a little sunflower oil.

Third feeding: 12 PM. Cook a vegetable soup with meat and offal. Instead of vegetables you can use buckwheat or oat groats. As by-products you can take finely chopped lung, liver or kidney.

Fourth feeding: 3 hours of the day. Milk porridge buckwheat, rice or oats. In porridge you can add honey.

Fifth feeding: 5 o’clock in the evening. In milk you need to put raw oat groats and leave lay. There also add the cheese. Fresh carrots through a grater. It all comes together and mix with sour cream.

Sixth feeding: 7 PM. Boil the meat, cut into medium-sized pieces. Instead of meat, you can take a hen egg and boil it hard-boiled. Or to cook a boiled fish. But she should be careful to remove all the little bones. To any of the proposed options add boiled water to the vegetables and season with sunflower oil.

In this article, find out how much the puppy Chihuahua. and what is the price of it.

Food puppy Chihuahua aged 3 to 5 months

In this age number of daily feedings is reduced to 4-5 times. It all depends on body mass, which scored a puppy.

For Breakfast doggie can offer cottage cheese or Bifidok, periodically – yolk chicken eggs in boiled form.

Daytime feeding should consist of boiled meat, finely chopped, and vegetables. If the owner chose rice for a side dish to meat, then meat must be three times more than rice.

Photo: Dry food for puppies Chihuahua steamed water

For dinner the puppy again you can give meat with vegetables.

If you feed your Chihuahua dry food, disposable serving for a puppy under 6 months should be 20 grams. The older dog (6 months to a year) can give 30-40 grams at one feeding.

Food should be steamed in water.

How to feed a puppy Chihuahua

From the diet of puppies of this breed, be sure to exclude a number of products.

Bought a puppy Chihuahua, but a nickname he could come up with? Find out what the most popular names for boys Chihuahua .

The puppy Chihuahua nothing fried, spicy, sour. Not to salt food. Contraindicated sweet bell peppers, which can cause gastritis.

The cross should be put on desserts, such as candy, pastries, pies, cakes and cookies. These are the sources of fat and can seriously affect the health of the vascular system of the dog can lead to obesity.

Menu Chihuahua must not contain nuts – because of their increased fragility of bones, fragility of tissue, straying metabolism, bladder accumulates stones. Not beans, peas.

Contraindicated the following types of meat:

A firm “no” tell the fat, all sorts of canned foods, fish raw. Vegetables puppy harmful cabbage, turnips, rutabaga and radishes.

Vitamins and food supplements

Feed additives can be used only if it will indicate a veterinarian or canine.

Photo: Chihuahua puppies need vitamins, so they need fruits and vegetables, as well as different additives in food

Usually to food that a puppy eats, add gluconate and calcium glycerophosphate. Also allowed brewer’s yeast, seaweed rich in calcium. Often use even finely crushed egg shells.

Vitamins prefer vitamin D, “Trivita”. Many owners feed flavored mineral compounds “Irish Cal”.

Natural products that act as vitamins, the Chihuahua will benefit from a mixture of 0.2 a small spoon of honey and the same amount of Apple cider vinegar diluted in 20 milliliters of water.

How to feed an adult dog Chihuahua, read the article What to feed your Chihuahua at home .

A healthy dog can grow only caring host. And one of the components of proper education – quality and balanced diet. Knowing what to feed a puppy Chihuahua and controlling his food, you will ensure a healthy and long life.

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