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Feeding Rottweiler puppies and adult dogs

Rottweiler puppies of our kennel are grown in mixed feeding, which involves the use of professional dry food and natural food.

The fact is that in the process of growth of a Rottweiler puppy it is very important that the puppy is always getting all the vitamins and minerals in accordance with his age and weight, i.e. in time and in the right dosage. Thus, ispolzovanpokoleniya dry food, we can rest assured that our Rottweiler puppy will get all in the right quantity and on time. BUT! As shown by our Rottweiler kennel, Rottweiler grown using only dry food, it doesn’t look so “naturally”,with the gloss, as dogs are grown using natural foods.

There is another point. If dry food is the whole balance of vitamins and minerals and I Truiden themselves proschityvaya proportions fortification feeding, if you feed only a natural diet for harmonious growth of the Rottweiler puppy, we’ll have this puzzled the scientific question.

On this basis, we decided that we’ll grow and keep the dogs on mixed feeding.

We do not believe that it is the ideal feeding for all dogs in the world, but safe to recommend to all my Rottweilers such method of feeding. Let our dogs do not grow in cans, and on natural, fresh, natural food meat, porridge, cheese and vegetables, but if you use dry food.

Unlike dogs, consuming only dry food, dogs feeding on the mixed light color of urine and healthy, tender pink tongue. Explained as simply as possible, but all of it is true.

Diet mixed feeding:

dry food ( our dogs are grown and maintained professional aft EUKANUBA)

chicken or Turkey or lean beef

rice-buckwheat porridge (of course separately)

curd (store-bought or homemade)


The first week you need to leave in the diet of ONLY DRY FOOD. Why? Because moving is anyway stressful for the puppy. And stress chair your puppy may slightly weaken. Not introducing anything new and giving the puppy to understand and understand that he’s HOME, we give only what the puppy is familiar and what is least likely to loose stools, namely the soaked dry food. Please listen our advice! We want what’s best for our puppies. The schedule of feedings will be the same as it was three times a day.

After a week, if You see that your puppy is accustomed, a good chair, you can introduce new components in stages, namely first rice cereal, then cottage cheese (see cooking method below), finely chopped meat, then steamed vegetables. But don’t rush to add everything at once. Gave one – see two days. If the chair is in order, then continue to add. Then try the next component.

The puppy from the time of collection from the breeder until the age of (orientirovochno) 6 months should be fed three times a day.

9:00 Soaked dry food + porridge + meat cut otvaranie

15:00 Soaked dry food + cottage cheese + cereal

20:00 Zamochenny dry food + porridge + narrow strips of meat+vegetables

– all meat should boil and remove the foam

– food needs to be soaked, or pouring the boiled, cold water or whey from cheese

– porridge should be very good to tenderize. Thus we increase the percentage digestibility of the cereal dog.


Bring to boil 1 litre of milk of 3,2%, then make the fire on low, add the ampoule (or tablespoon) of calcium gluconate – forth, stirring spoon, slowly pour the buttermilk in a thin stream. As soon as I saw the milk start to coagulate, the heat under the pan off and leave the curd to cool.

No need to separate the curd from the whey! Mix with food.


The puppy should always be access to water. The water should be very cold and not necessarily boiled! This is especially important for Rottweilers, living in Moscow. If You have city water, you can use otstoinyi in a jug or filtered water.


Adult Rottweiler (after 6 months of age) should be fed twice a day. We suggest that you feed the Rottweiler in the morning ( at a time) and in the second half of the day, it is better, if it will occur not later than 18:00. It’s better for digestion and allows the body to rest at night.


soaked dry food

sliced poultry or beef(preferably more sinewy)

rice-buckwheat (boiled well)

curd 2 times a week

you can add stewed in sunflower oil, vegetables (carrot, onion, pumpkin, zucchini)

– You should never give your dog cabbage, potatoes, beets, peppers!

– no need to salt food dogs!

fruits to give to dogs can be in the form of treats, which means in small amounts. We give the dogs fruit because we like, and dogs often want to eat what we eat.

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