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Leptospirosis is a zooantroponoznyh natural focal infection home, fishing, many species of wild animals and humans. Leptospirosis sick of large horned cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, goats, deer, dogs, foxes, Arctic…

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15 Pets, which you can make a home

1. Fenech. The little Fox. If you decide to buy a cage, it needs to be spacious, although without it you can do. The main thing — the room in which he lives Fenech, should be well heated, it’ll catch a cold. Fenech almost no smell, eating chicken, cottage cheese, fruit, vegetables, dog food, loves figs and dates. You have to walk him on a leash, sometimes to comb. It costs 60 thousand roubles.

2. Guinea pigs. Ease of maintenance is one reason for their popularity as Pets: they are also easy to keep in a Studio apartment as in a large house. Since Guinea pigs naturally live in packs, it is recommended to have multiple, but you can keep one animal and, if he will have enough “family time”.

3. The capybara. This is, in fact, a large Guinea pig, in a cage only not go to jail. She walks on a leash, executes commands, even puts her head owner on your knees and exposing their belly to his belly scratched. Dog eats canned food, food for rodents, fruits, vegetables, hay and grass. The capybara would make a perfect pet, if daily bathing is not needed she was almost a swimming pool.

4. Home decorative rat. They love the different hanging nests,types of hammocks, hanging baskets or balls, I prefer them to any other “burrows”. Rats cannot be kept in a draught or in the sun. It is very harmful for them!

5. Turtles are very popular among pet lovers. Most species of these reptiles is ideal for living in the city apartments. There are several ways of keeping turtles: free, in terrariums or in specially equipped enclosures.

6. Jerboas. Pet gerbils may be different breeds, there are also ornamental species. Caring for gerbils is very simple, as it is a very neat animals and all their “things” they do in one corner, it is possible to remove the contamination will not be easy. Feed them cereals, seeds, crackers, vegetables, fruit and herbs.

7. Wavy parrot. He is extremely social, easy to tame, likes to communicate with a person amenable to training, is able to pronounce words and sounds. Because of its small size to its contents does not require a lot of space and a large cage. The average life expectancy of parrots 10 years, some species live up to 25 years.

8. Anteater. Very good-natured and even gentle animals. With his claws he might inadvertently spoil the furniture and Wallpaper, but especially to throw the owner will never be. Contrary to the name, he readily eats minced meat with rice and mashed fruit (he has no teeth). He walks funny on his hind legs, leaning on the tail, and teaches simple tricks.

9. Hamster. This is one of the smallest and most harmless Pets. He can’t resist predators (cats, dogs) due to their small size, but can show bravery in a battle with the enemy of his kind. If in the same cage live two males, fighting between them is inevitable.

10. Cat. Among the most popular Pets they can’t outrun anybody and never! These wonderful, fluffy, soft, gentle, purring animals will be able to lift your mood at any moment and become the best of friends!

11. Dogs. Without them, too. Only now more and more of those who paid tribute to fashion and excites small dogs such as Yorkies, toy Terriers, etc. They love to dress up in overalls and other clothing. But there is a significant drawback: the bones in these breeds is much weaker than that of the “brothers”, so the fractures will most likely be escorting your pet often, if not to look after him day and night.

12. Degu. They are sometimes called Chilean squirrels. They come from South America, with Chile. The animal is very active, not large, about 30 cm, tail up to 14 cm and up to 240 grams in weight. With proper maintenance and care, they live longer than 7 years. Degu have a strong predisposition to diabetes, so in no case it is not necessary to feed them sweets and food.

13. Raccoon. It is no more than pedigree dogs — 25-30 thousand rubles. The raccoon will need a large cage (but be prepared for the fact that in it he will scream and tear at will) or a separate room. Raccoons should not be left unattended, especially for a long time. The raccoon can be trained to the tray, but to wean from periodic audits of the bin is unlikely.

14. Kinkajou. Generally it is a carnivorous mammal of the raccoon family about the size of a small cat. “Kinkajou” translates to honey bear! Costs about 70 thousand roubles. Kinkajou is rarely sick and it is not picky with food — you can feed him oatmeal, eggs and fruit. Problems can arise when you try to rebuild the mode an animal to sleep doesn’t interfere with you sleep at least sometimes. To the owner of kinkajou great affection to experience, but to take him in her arms and petting you can.

15. Skunks. They cost 30 thousand rubles. Tender and unpretentious, walk on a leash, responding to commands and ready to sleep in the bed of the owner or with a soft toy (it’s warmer). The glands that produce fragrant secret, homemade skunks removed in infancy. Skunks prefer small spaces because poor eyesight does not allow them to be guided well in large apartments. You can feed them meat, seafood, cheese, yogurt, vegetables and fruit.

I am very sorry that now our apartment has no living creatures. Perhaps that is why my passion for Pets I still take sitting at a computer))) Sometimes can’t get out from sites where they were talking about some chinchilla!

Of course, each “little friend”. Someone like rodents, someone can’t live without parrots. In addition, all owners of their priorities: for some very important cost, the breed, a rarity. As for me, among the 15 Pets in the Photo above, everyone can choose their favorite taste

Very importantly, not all of them need large spaces. This factor for me personally is of great importance. At least my husband always tries to dissuade me from this argument, because the place is too small. I wonder what he’d say if I still bought, for example, a skunk

15 Pets, which you can make a home
1. Fenech. The little Fox. If you decide to buy a cage, it needs to be spacious, although without it you can do. The main thing — the room in…


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