It's time to vaccinate the pet
With the beginning of spring, the owners of pet dogs and cats covers a real medical fever - it's time to do preventive vaccinations to animals from dangerous diseases. In…

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Guinea pigs
History Guinea pigs were domesticated in the 5th Millennium BC by tribes of the Andes of South America (modern-day southern Colombia. Ecuador. Peru and Bolivia ) for food. a few…

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The maintenance and care of Pets
In the 21st century, almost every third family has a pet.If you still are going to have the seed of a pet, be it dog, rat, hamster, parrot, cat in…

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Pets of Hollywood stars entertaining Zoology

The dog – man’s best friend. Cat – probably, too. Not everyone and not always, but often, especially after a hearty meal… Yes, friend. In friends to the person you can record hamsters, parrots, Guinea pigs, pet alligators and albino rats. And if you look at the question broadly? Why Madagascar cockroach in the cage of your son not his friend? Because somewhere deep in his cockroach head he probably likes… by the Way, cockroaches in household Pets – not the most exotic choice. And who, if not Hollywood stars, to prove it?

Asses Reese Witherspoon

In 2010, actress and animals a big fan of Reese Witherspoon, taking a cue from their friends, have got a couple of donkeys and named them, like in some cartoon, Honky and Thin. “They’re so docile and cute,” Witherspoon admitted in an interview in December 2010. However, unlike the owner, the neighbors of Reece from donkeys not happy and constantly complain about the noisy neighbors. This, however, is understandable if we consider that among the pet loving Witherspoon – not only a pair of donkeys, but also two pigs, three goats, twenty chickens, three dogs and a pony.

Grunt George Clooney

Longest relationship in the life of Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney lasted for 18 years – the whole time the actor was the owner of the 135-pound pig named Max,who died in 2006. “He was the oldest pig ever had the vets”, after the death of his pet Clooney said in an interview with People. The pig and the actor was tied up in this mutual sympathy that sometimes Clooney allowed the pig to sleep in his bed. Besides, Max is constantly accompanied by his master at the filming and interviews.

The Chimpanzee Of Michael Jackson

A chimpanzee named Bubbles was a favorite pet of Michael Jackson for decades. The singer became the owner of a chimpanzee in the late eighties, but parted ways with him in 2002, when the aggression of an animal was forced to give the Bubbles to the zoo. In an interview, the eccentric king of pop claimed that the chimpanzee behaves almost as a person: takes a shower, Jackson helps in cleaning, and the table is a fork and a spoon. Pet outlives the owner: currently Bubbles happily lives with other chimpanzees in the monkey sanctuary Center for Great Apes in Florida and, according to trainers, it can live up to 60 years.

Octopus Nicolas Cage

If money is not a problem, the person may appear very strange hobby. The most obvious example is Nicolas cage, who is collecting cars and real estate bankrupted. However, cage was spending a lot of money on luxury yachts, planes and castles – but also much more exotic purchases. For example, once the actor has paid 276 thousand dollars for two king cobras – Moby and Sheba – and an octopus. Cage later claimed that he bought the octopus with a definite purpose – an exotic pet should have some way to help Nicholas deal with another role. However, very soon, the actor was forced to say goodbye to the octopus.

A cross between a wolf and dog Kristen Stewart

Young actress Kristen Stewart took the example from his “twilight” alter-ego Bella Swan, in which friends are vampires and werewolves: Kristen and her mother – the owner of several “hybrids” of wolf and dog. Interestingly, in most U.S. States, the breeding and training of wolf hybrids and dogs have been banned – after all these animals, who inherited the genes of wild predators, are quite dangerous. Kristen Stewart, however, is not afraid of hybrids or their wild ancestors – and, Vice versa, names of their Pets are very affectionate and obedient in numerous interviews.

Turtle Leonardo DiCaprio

Visiting the American exhibition specialists in the breeding of reptiles, Leonardo DiCaprio was so impressed, I immediately bought for $ 400 17-pound turtle. Pet actor little turtle: his age is only 10 years old, and this species can easily live to 80. The weight of the turtles can reach a ton.

Pig Rupert Of Grinta

In the U.S. recently there has been an interesting fashion to Pets – especially popular are… miniature pigs. The owner of one of these pigs – the cost of which, incidentally, can exceed a thousand dollars – was the star of the “Harry Potter” Rupert Grint. Although the pig really different miniature size, Grint, allows your pet to walk around the yard, and sometimes takes it with him even on social events.

Kinkajou Paris Hilton

The hotel Empire heiress Paris Hilton is a great lover to shock the audience: in addition to Chihuahua, tinkerbell, famous pet Paris, the socialite took to educate… miniature bear. Several years ago Hilton purchased kinkajou – taohuawoo rare bear, whose home – forests of South America. However, exotic pet Paris boasted long: kinkaju – quite a dangerous animal, a house to hold it in no event it is impossible, and as a result Hilton had to abandon the pet after miniature bear bit her arm.

Pigeons Mike Tyson

The boxer with world name Mike Tyson is a big fan of breeding pigeons. At age 11, Tyson got into his first fight after the bully got his head torn off one of the pigeons of the future boxer. But today, Tyson – not only by the numerous world titles, but also their own reality show about pigeons, which are popular despite the repeated protests of organizations for the protection of the rights of animals.

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