Exotic insects
Imagine, in the world, there are varieties of cockroaches that does not resemble normal Prusakov. They look like bugs, very large, different colors, unusual and eye-catching. Also of interest deserve…

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Cat breeds
The cat is the most popular pet in the world. Cats were first domesticated about 8000 years BC in Cyprus. After that, basically, cats have lived among the Egyptians. Cat…

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Mini piggy
In recent years, the world is rapidly spreading fashion on dwarf pet pigs. Now on the streets of America, Europe and recently Russia you can meet people, walkers on a…

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Super smart animals

Some animals possess a certain skill set and amazing mind, which is mind-boggling. Who else can identify where the members of your family by smell, have a Photographic memory and the ability to memorize sequences of numbers, and also to navigate in the world without using a guide but only with the tip of his beak? These are just some examples of how animals meet or exceed people’s intelligence. Read more about 7 most intelligent animals, and you will learn why they deserve our respect.

7th place – a pigeon . While most people need several types of maps and a compass to find their way home after a long journey, the homing pigeon to return from a very long trip (over 1100 km) do not need any guide. However, in reality, they have little gadget. According to research at the University of Frankfurt, pigeons have iron-containing structure of the beak, which helps them feel the Earth’s magnetic field, regardless of their movement and posture. Thus, they can easily determine their geographical position. The results of the study also show that the magnetic susceptibility is present in other birds.

6th place – Ants . Despite its size, there are mnogonatsionaljnostj of ants, which possess amazing abilities. One of the most impressive is the mycocepurus smithii, which lives in the forests of the Amazon. They are super feminist species that has renounced men, and have developed the ability to reproduce through cloning in a purely-female prison. According to a study from the University of Arizona, it is not clear when such changes have occurred. The replenishment of the colony without the involvement of a male is called parthenogenesis. It’s a form of sexual reproduction in which the female sex cells develop into an adult organism without fertilization.

The interesting fact about these ants: they can close their jaws with incredible speed, which takes only 0.13 milliseconds – that is 2300 times faster than we blink an eye. So they can jump to great heights for their size. You may not believe our word for it, better watch the video:

5th place – Elephants . Elephants are huge and always seem tired and slow. Their peculiar nose – it’s a miracle of evolution. Studies have proven that elephants can keep track of up to 30 absent members of the family. Inhaling their scent, these mammals can build a mental map and find out where they are. Just imagine how this can be useful for mothers with several children. Moreover, according to another study, elephants can understand whether a person is friendly or a threat just by their smell and color of clothing. So good luck to you, if you are going to cheat him.

4th place – Termites . In Zimbabwe, the termite species Macrotermes michaelseni has developed a precise method for use of the fungus, which they feed on. Since this fungus grows only at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, outside the region from 40 degrees Celsius in the daytime and 2 degrees Celsius at night, the termites come up with a system to maintain a stable temperature in their original homes, constantly opening and closing vents. This is such a useful idea that the Loughborough University have conducted studies in order to use the same technique in human dwellings. So did the building of the Eastgate centre in Zimbabwe was modelled on the system of termites.

3rd place – the Chimpanzee . There was much debate about the intelligence of chimpanzees. Some people claimed that they are true geniuses, and others that these animals are not smarter than a three year old child. But there is at least one area in which chimpanzees are smarter than humans – Photographic memory. Research of Kyoto University, has proved that young individuals of this species have the ability to remember numerical sequences better than people. Showing the same presentation numbers, the little chimpanzee was able to recall them better than a grown man.

2. place – Crows . Unlike the huge number of animal species, endangered, crows thrive around the world. Although they seem very wise, scientists claim that they are not smarter than humans. Maybe – you be the judge. For example, crows often use sticks as a fork, to get out from under the tree bark and the larvae of different bugs, and nuts with a hard shell they throw under the wheels of cars to have them crushed. Recent research scientists have shown that crows can recognize human face and to remember them for several years. So be careful: who knows how you will take revenge on the crow that you may once wronged.

1st place – Dolphins . Dolphin officially not smarter than people, but he was declared the world’s second intelligent creature after man. His brain is in magnitude almost the same as ours, but the amount of knowledge a Dolphin is able to absorb 1.5 times more. The results of the study of behavior physiology of the brain of dolphins is very controversial. Some of them include the ability to study on the level of the dog and claim to chimpanzees they are very far. But the study of dolphins communication rather pushes the notion that we just don’t come close to understanding this form of life and to compare the intelligence of dolphins and chimpanzees are just incorrect.

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