Guinea pigs
Guinea pig is a furry rodent that comes from the Andes mountains in South America. Earlier ancestors of these animals were used as food by local native American tribes. Modern…

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Animal diseases
Leptospirosis is a zooantroponoznyh natural focal infection home, fishing, many species of wild animals and humans. Leptospirosis sick of large horned cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, goats, deer, dogs, foxes, Arctic…

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The smartest Pets
The more people watching the animals, studying their behavior, learning ability, the clearer is aware that they have the elements of mind. It is more correct to say the basic…

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Cat breed: Maine Coon

Maine Coon – an amazing breed of cat that causes reverence and awe. These giants were bred in America (the largest companion cats among cats) combines awesome power, exquisite gracefulness and good-natured character.

The history of the breed counts about 150 years. North America considers these cats to their national pride. Some sources found other name — the Maine Coon cat. Around Maine coons legends.

Some write that the breed is the fruit of love raccoon mom and cat dad which is indicated by a fluffy striped tail, others argue that the sins of the North American lynx and the cat, tassels on the ears are the proof.

What scientists say a categorical disagreement, leading to serious arguments: species mismatch and as a consequence the impossibility of crossing. In reality, genetics have proven that this breed is the result of natural selection, and the characteristics formed by the features of the harsh climate of the North American States. In frosty winters, they just need fluffy fur and large size.

Mental development of the Maine Coon or slightly inferior to their appearance. They are very smart, think things through, both highly intelligent, creatures. After the birth of Pope kittens-cats care about pohistveni less than the cat. His dedication to these animals resemble dogs, they feel the mood and character of the owner.

Cats of this breed is able to capture the desire of the owner by the look or gesture. Maine coons are extremely peaceful and neat. They never violate the order in the room, and will do their toys.

Nurseries gladly give kittens to families with young children and can vouch that children are not hurt. On the surface it seems that Maine coons are higher in order to hurt children, or defend against them.

They also easily get along with other Pets in your home, be it a parrot or a dog. Cats are mobile, love to run and walk, so you should provide a spacious place to play, and the ability to walk.

The key to health and beauty of your pet depends on how you will care for the magnificent fur of these fluffy couch, and because you will be fed.

So, comb the cats need once a week, and bathe as often. Watch out for the length of the nails and make the manicure as they grow. Hygiene is also important for the ears, after cleaning the ears should pour some antiseptic.

Food Maine coons are not fussy and wholesome food for more preferred food than ready. But you need to keep a balance of micronutrients. And include the diet as meat and fish, it is better to cook food or to proportinate to avoid parasites. They love the chicken and offal.

So, all of the above will help you understand the pros and cons of the breed. And can think about growing your family is such a wonderful creation, like a kitten Maine Coon.

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