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Pet for apartment, tips for choosing

According to statistics, there are more Pets than 65% of people. This is because a pet can become a truly loyal and good friend to his master. Of course, people choosing a pet is focused on your character, taste, and territorial financial capacity. As representatives of elite breeds are sometimes a few hundred dollars, and you may have to take out a loan online . to buy such a pet in the house. Of course, if you live in a house and you have a yard, you have more opportunities than those who live in the apartment. Today we will consider the most appropriate animals to stay in the apartment.


According to various statistical studies, residents often get their cats. Cats are very gentle and graceful animals, they can have devotion and great love to his master. And about the healing and soothing properties of cats is legendary, Oh gentle purring and lying on the diseased place from the owner.

Yet the undeniable advantages of these amazing animals is their simplicity and relative ease of care. Many rumbling lumps may well live their entire lives in the apartment, without going outside, doing tray and the space of the apartment.Dogs

Second in popularity after the cats are dogs. For apartment the ideal option would be the representative of small, and even better dwarf breed. After all the big passes will be very uncomfortable and cramped in the spaces of the apartment.

When choosing a dog, you need to completely rely on the quality of his character. After all, the dog is the friend and companion and protector and bodyguard.

The biggest drawback of dogs is the need for daily walking, sometimes several times a day. Another disadvantage, of both dogs and cats can be allergic to the fur of the household. Yes, and some representatives of the dog world are quite expensive, although you can always use the service of online loan for the realization of their dreams in life. Yes, and the raising and training dogs also need to seriously address, otherwise it may take you a lot of hassle.


Perhaps the best Pets for apartment is an aquarium with fish. The aquarium is always a stylish accessory and accent in the interior of the apartment, and watching fish is a great option anti-stress therapy. The main thing you need to remember in the care of these animals is to feed them and occasionally clean the tank.

Cons of these animals – they don’t care who their master is, they do not rejoice in the arrival of the owner home, not to cuddle and caress, to lie down beside them on the couch, and it is unlikely they will be your best friend.


Birds as well as the aquarium does not take up much space. You can buy a parrot or a Canary, and in the morning will hear the cheerful chirping in his apartment. If you have a lonely parrot, it is possible that you will be able to teach it some words and phrases.

Cons any birds in the house are their uncleanliness. They throw food from the cage, their feathers can be scattered throughout the apartment, and the cage should be cleaned daily, at least every other day.


For many residents of megacities rodents is the perfect solution for a pet. Overweight cute, soft and non-aggressive animals that do not require special care. And the selection of animals is great, can pick up the animal in its spirit.

Shinshily – gentle and very beautiful, they were very nice to caress and squeeze. Rabbits – cute pussies that love to chew everything in its path(particularly the cords). Hamsters – funny and active, you can observe them for hours as they run in the wheel and carry food from place to place. The Guinea pigs are very similar to hamsters, but unlike them they make funny sounds, very unpretentious and does not require special care.

You learned about the most popular animals for the apartment. Of course, the choice of animal is purely an individual affair, and giving preference to one or another animal, you will be guided by your individual circumstances and capabilities. You should choose an animal in spirit, then you will live in perfect harmony, and you will have harmony and understanding.

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Small breed dogs have appeared much earlier than people assume. Cute miniature dogs were not just a whim of rich ladies, but also perfectly suited for hunting activities. Vitality and agility praised these animals as great hunters and accompanying carriages which were perfectly deter unwelcome wildlife.

To choose a good leash for dogs is not so simple as it may seem at first glance. By this compact fixture to a great extent depends on the quality and usability of all walks and efficient workout. Moreover, raising a puppy start training collar and leash.

Always dreamed of a small devotional friend who will always be with You? Then puppies Jack Russell Terrier will be a great companion. Information about the physical characteristics of this breed and why breed dogs Jack Russell Terrier are considered to be best friends and for whom they are suitable.

It’s the coming of autumn with its rainy days, mud and puddles. Of course, autumn is a Golden time and with Sunny days, fallen leaves and red Rowan. But, the owners of the dogs know what autumn is all the same time constant bathing and nursing care for a pet. The dog catcher needs to monitor the temperature regime of your pet and prevent any possible hypothermia and colds. And furthermore, if you are the master of miniature dogs, her outerwear is vitally needed.

The modern market of pet products is literally flooded with all sorts of useful accessories, including a wide assortment of carrying bags for dogs, providing convenient and safe transportation of Pets.

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