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The smartest Pets

The more people watching the animals, studying their behavior, learning ability, the clearer is aware that they have the elements of mind. It is more correct to say the basic thinking or its rudiments. Numerous experiments were aimed at studying the level of intelligence of various animals throughout the 20th century. In our day, scientists are back to the issue.

What kind of Pets today are called the most intelligent?

1 — the dog

They’ve always been considered among the most intelligent Pets. It turned out that these animals are much smarter than we can imagine. The results of the research of American Professor S. Coren, presented at the annual Congress of psychologists, is staggering. He claims:

Dogs are able to memorize and recognize approximately 165 different signals, signs and words of human speech.

Most of them clearly understand that 1 + 1 = 2 and not 3 or 4.

Eating people will point at anything with your finger, the wolf looks at the finger, and the dog in the direction indicated. They long remember the events and sensory experiences associated with a specific person.

Able to distinguish between Photographs depicting landscapes, Photos of dogs.

And that they are dedicated and useful assistants to humans and it is needless to say. The ability of animals of different breeds are very different.Most intelligent people consider poodles, border collies, German shepherds, Rottweilers.

2 — pig

Learning ability in pigs is not worse than dogs. By the way, it’s claimed, and Darwin.

In one experiment, pigs were offered a test for intelligence. The feeder was connected to the computer. On the monitor flashed brightly figure. Needed, controlling the joystick, to get the cursor on this figure. Only in this case the feeder will open automatically.

Incredible! The pig his snout ran the joystick and move the cursor exactly on the figure.

By the way, the dogs could not cope with this task. They lost the contest of wits.

Pigs have a phenomenal sense of smell. With their help the French find truffles (underground mushrooms). Specially trained pigs are used to find drugs.

Pigs feel the rhythm of the music and not valcheva, grunt in time to the music.

Thanks to the experiments of scientists has found that sheep developed wit and insight. They are good at remembering people’s faces and the appearance of other animals. Their adaptation to changing circumstances is phenomenal. Sheep are able to conceive and long to keep in memory information.

The maintenance and care of Pets
In the 21st century, almost every third family has a pet.If you still are going to have the seed of a pet, be it dog, rat, hamster, parrot, cat in…


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