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The maintenance and care of Pets

In the 21st century, almost every third family has a pet.If you still are going to have the seed of a pet, be it dog, rat, hamster, parrot, cat in advance to prepare difficulties and not facilities, well prepared for their care and maintenance.

There are 3 main rules to care for pet

1 a Variety of nutrition and proper

Before you buy find out what the animal eats and in what quantities.Animal food should be made from natural products and high quality, certainly a part of carbon, fats and proteins. kids need vitamins. Many animal eat feed, so the feed Supplement add vegetables and fruits.

2 Pet should be contained in clean room

H East areas, aquariums, feeders, cages, litter and more. Play an important role in go and the contents of your pet. After all, not nice when out of the cage with rodents will smell. For animal dirt is dangerous, for example in bedding where your pet sleeps, dirt can wind up obstinate insects that will bother your pet. the bowl from which you eat can wind up harmful bacteria, which your animal can get sick, in different cells, in which sawdust or hay, dirt infest the worms. It is necessary to clean every day no matter what the animal

3 And you should watch out for his health

not zabyvaemo the health of your pet. Need to visit the vet and do all necessary vaccinations. At first vaccination you will receive a veterinary passport, recording all vaccinations and checkups. Animals like people get sick, get injured, all kinds of infections. therefore, when any symptom of illness, contact your veterinarian, remember that many animal diseases dangerous for people

Many factories domestic animal and don’t follow these rules, consider what we should spend the money on a vet clinic, on tablets and to care of the animal

there are animals that require special care like ear cleaning, haircut, trimming nails, walk and rinsing

remember the most important rule not in any case impossible to beat the child if with little to beat an animal, it would be cowardly and aggressive

All in your hands. Each animal is completely dependent on you. Therefore, when you buy an animal 100 times think about whether you need this Animal as a child, he needs attention and care, you need to play and take care of it

You acquire real and loyal friend that you will never give

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