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Pet grooming

Caring for Pets: cats, dogs and others is an integral part of the lives of most people. Because almost every house there are animals, and there are even representatives of the present exotics: iguanas, snakes, monkeys. But most often people get more familiar animals: cats.

These furry creatures have become inseparable members of the family. They cheer up when we are sad, relieve stress, when we are literally reeling with emotion. But we also need to care for the cats, although they are by nature very clean creatures.

Some people are strongly against to keep the cat where there is a child. Such people are convinced that cats will be more harm to the child. How much these fears are justified and whether the animals in the house – we take a closer look at.

Cat and child: threat or useful friendship?

Every child, seeing the street puppy or kitten, instinctively pulls the handle to a curious creature. For a child it’s not just cat or animal. With the proper education it will be both loyal and reliable friends.

First of all, the animal helps the child to develop, especially small motility of hands. You can’t make the baby just to compress and decompress fingers. But for stroking and nosing the cats he will think to do it. For the baby the cat – something soft, warm, furry and cuddly.

Do not be afraid and reactions cats: the vast majority of cockaponset a little restless for his ward and would never hurt him.

Such friendship will develop in the child a sense of responsibility, teach friendship, care and understanding. Almost all children have inherent selfishness, they want us to love only him, and the sudden appearance of, say, a second child, a little selfish to take a hostile reception. But if it grows in nice and good family that loves animals, he will see it this way: mom loves equally both him and the cat. Sounds ridiculous to adult ears, but little kids see it that way. You need to understand that for selfish kid no matter who the mother pays attention to: the second baby or the hamster. It is important to suppress selfishness and then there will be no problems in future at the birth of other children.

Gradually, showing a Photo of pet care, the child himself learns to order. The mother might say: “Look, Murka already washed and went to eat, and you’re still dirty run”. At that affection, which is born quickly between the child and the cat, this sentence will sound much louder than others. For example, cats baby, you can teach a lot, even to go potty. Do not be afraid for the health, if the cat is vaccinated and does not run into the street.

Ideally, if it is a kitten, because his child will perceive as valuable partner for the games. Critical cat, if your child is nervous or tearful, has trouble sleeping or without cause hysteria. A purring cat calms, the child stops crying. Sometimes the cat murkaet and slightly releases the claws, and the baby will not be hurt. Itself cat fur as a powerful warm compress: warms, calms, and even heals.

How to care for your cat?

Of course, for such a close friendship it is necessary to carefully monitor the pet’s health. Proper pet care includes some mandatory items:

correct feeding;

required vaccinations;

treatment of worms and fleas;

external grooming.

Proper nutrition for the cat is based on feeding a natural food or feed Premium: hills, Purina, Royal Canin.

If you have made a choice in favor of natural food, remember: a cat is a complete carnivore.

The basis of its food – veal, Turkey, chicken or beef. Not raw, but cooked, with the mandatory addition of vitamins need.

In no special feed additives is not required. Feed Premium perfectly balanced, have a separation by age for power. It is not recommended to give a fish in any form due to an increased risk of kidney disease and the emergence of worms. These worms can be transmitted to humans.

Treatment and external care

If you don’t know how to handle a cat against parasites, for in network care for Pets in pictures. It is important to know: each treatment is performed strictly separately! You cannot postovati and give medicine for fleas. This too struck on the immune system of the animal, from which the cat can die. For example, the first treatment for fleas and only a month later, if the cat is healthy, give anthelmintic. If the house several animals, processing is done all at one time.

During such procedures it is important to isolate the child. The process usually takes a day, in particular, it concerns the treatment against fleas. Choose only those tools in which fleas don’t flee from the animal, and die. It is a guarantee that fleas will not scatter throughout the apartment and won’t infect again. Well suited for this Advantage: drops are applied by weight, is allowed of three months. If you mean the kitten up to three months, there are shampoos that are hypoallergenic and kill parasites.

Be sure to handle the places where the pet rests. The domestic cat fleas may be only a few stuff: they “arrive” on our shoes. But they multiply rapidly, so it’s best to protect yourself and the animal.

For the appearance of care is required, if this is not an exotic breed, is minimal. In the offseason comb, remove tangles, be sure that there was no dandruff. An important point is the claws of a cat. Here to look at the circumstances: if she is a spoiled and scratches, have to buy special caps.

Wearing caps or trimming claws note: the cat will lose its agility that can lose appetite. It is a reaction to discomfort and new sensations.

How to take care of Pets for children taught by parents. For some children, the care of the cat in the joy, but as you grow up, this interest usually disappears. And all the care will fall only on the mother. But most importantly, will continue what has been laid down in this tender and necessary friendship.

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