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Care for the animals

The company UVIVO provides a variety of services to care for the animals . Qualified staff with extensive experience in this area will gladly take care of your animals. We work in different parts of Moscow and Moscow region (for example, our services can order the inhabitants of rublevki). To cooperate with us is profitable and enjoyable!

Good animal care is the key to their longevity and good health. Every day you need to walk dogs, bathe animals periodically, buy them quality food, feed, groom, clean up after them, raising them, drive to the vet or just to play and socialize with their Pets. If it’s fish or reptiles, for them also needs special care: timely cleaning of the aquarium, water changes, feeding, etc.

However, what if the owners don’t have the time to pay attention to their Pets, or when you want to go on holiday or a business trip, and leave four-legged friend or an aquarium with favourite fishes there? The optimal solution in this case will be to contact the organization, providing a range of care services for cats, dogs and other animals.

Center professional care for your Pets in zukovka

Customers have the opportunity to seek help as a single, and on a permanent basis, signing a contract. At the conclusion of dogovoryatsya companies bear full responsibility for the animals entrusted to them. The company is staffed by veterinarians, zoopsychology, dog breeders, aquarists, and other experienced professionals to care for the animals.

The range of services includes:

veterinary services;

the zoonyaney;



the services of a dog handler and zoopsychology;

care for exotic animals;

professional grooming, etc.

In the period of the departure of the master on a business trip or vacation, zoonyaney will provide reliable care and concern the rest of the house pet.

The duties of poonani is taking care of a cat, dog and other animals, namely:



cleaning for a pet;



the variety of leisure activities: games, different workouts, etc.

If the animal is sick or has an accident, customers at any time of the day can take advantage of veterinary care. There is a possibility of examination of the animal both at home and in a specially equipped hospital for the reception of animals. For easy travel with a pet in the city offers zootaxa.

In addition to these works, the range of services on animal care includes adjusting the behavior of dogs and cats, help in choosing a pet, service dog, assistance in the preparation of animal for shows, caring for aquariums and terrariums and more.

Dear friends, you have a unique opportunity to get 30% discount on annual subscription for your pet. Each subscription is made individually, depending on your needs.

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