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The biggest domestic cats in the world

Asher is a rare breed of domestic cats, the growth of which reaches a height of meters and a weight of 15 kg, was artificially bred English biotech company Lifestyle Pets. This is the largest breed of domestic cats.According to the owners of outlandish beasts, though usher and menacing in appearance — powerful legs and bared teeth, is a perfect pet. In habits — the ordinary cat.

Care undemanding, aggressive, likes to sleep and eat out, play with the kids. Plus the ushers are the only members of the cat family, which can be led through the streets on a leash. Despite the fact that the kitten costs a lot of money (the price for the very plain from $22 000 to $27 000) to buy his very not easy. Those who wish to take <> the cat should join the queue for the year ahead — the company doesn’t grow more than 100 cats per year. Still need a Deposit of $6000.

Second in the ranking of the breed is the Savannah cat.In addition to the cost, this cat is the largest and is greater than all the hybrids like a wild cat. In our country there is not a single kitten, and the closest animal lives in Riga. The price for this beauty starts from $4000, but for tribal $8000. Savannah — the fruit of love of a wild cat Serval and a normal domestic cat.The cat looks like daddy, is a large, long-legged, long-necked, with big ears. Next to the cat almost impossible to make any sudden movements — the beast instantly on matnitsa <> the subject. Any anger and aggression — only the automatism and reflexes. Over this young and yet not quite domesticated breed still working, which affects the cost: the price starts from $4000 to $10 000.

The third breed of big cat called a Maine Coon or Maine Coon cat. The birthplace of this animal is North America. Initially the distinctive features of this breed were considered: large size cat, black color, long hair and resemblance to a raccoon. Later, the breed began to include cats and other color. The biggest cat in the world weighs about 15 pounds.

The biggest cat in the world

The big cat, whose name is Rupert, weighs as much as 9 kg. Rupert is not overfed and fat, he’s just very large. Cat breed Maine Coon is still very young and continues to grow.

Now Rupert for nearly three years. A few years later, he would grow up and most likely I’ll get fat, almost 5 kg. basically, it is due to a strong skeleton and muscles. When the cat was brought to a cat show in his native Australia, and there immediately said that such a large Maine Coon, they had never seen.

Is not a cat, but a real which mega-monster – still surprised the judge, Leslie Morgan, Near – and it is not yet fully grown.

— This is a great cat with a wild terrific look, says owner Rupert Kira foster (Kyra Foster) – people literally blows away from his eyes, when they dare to come closer.

Rupert and another kitten Maine Coon owner.

Apparently, Rupert is one of the most large and thick domestic cats in the world. Maine coons, however, long been known for its large size, but even among them there are unique instances.

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